Ares Free Statamic Theme

So much fun doing this one. I built this for a gaming buddy of mine who tinkers with his blog quite a bit but doesn’t really enjoy that aspect of it. In his words “the choices for gaming themes is zero”. He wanted images and more images and then galleries of images. Now all he has to do is switch to Statamic =D

This theme is based off of the baseline theme put together by Garth Redfern. It uses the Bootstrap framework. The theme requires a Statamic license which is purchase-able from their website. Special thanks to Jason Varga for the global addon.

Global settings allow you to easily switch out the red colors, upload your own logo, add a blogroll and create callouts for the footer extra area from the control panel. And of course if you know your way around Statamic you can easily swap, delete and change things as you need. Please send me a shout if you need any help or find any bugs or issues.

Please note this is the old version of Statamic and does not work with 2.0+



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