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Things to Know: I work personally with each author to provide colorful, imaginative, one-of-a-kind illustrations.

Nervous About Starting? I offer a trial illustration package (for 24pg + books only) before you make the commitment to a whole book. Get your main character drawn or 1-3 pages of your book illustrated first! Fill out the form below, where you can indicate choosing one of these options. The cost is automatically applied toward the price of a full book. All illustrations are sketched out in rough form for approval before high fidelity images are created. With larger books storyboards are included as well.

Time it Takes: Because I personally draw all of my own illustrations, the full process takes from a few weeks to two months. You will be able to collaborate all along the way as I keep you updated on the process.

Illustration Delivery: When your illustrations are ready, you will receive them in the form of high quality digital files ready to send to the printer or to your graphic designer.

Payments: I won’t require a payment until you know for sure you want to work with me as your illustrator. Ask as many questions as you want about the process. I do work with a payment system that requires a deposit and percentages paid during deliverable phases.

Step 1: Take a minute to fill out this form below. It requires no commitment, but allows me to send you a proposal with a price quote to see if we would make a good fit.

After I receive your info: As soon as I am able to process the information about your book gathered here, I will respond by requesting any further information I need and sending pricing options. Many times, that email is followed up with a phone call for us to see if we would make a good fit!

Please note: All book illustrations require that I be credited as the illustrator. Pricing below is not a quote. Pricing is for illustrations only for the design and layout of the book please indicate on the form and I can give you a separate quote for this part of your project.

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Very Involved: I would like to review each page as it is illustrated. Minimally Involved: I would like to review the project when it is finished.

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