Ares Free Statamic Theme

So much fun doing this one. I built this for a gaming buddy of mine who tinkers with his blog quite a bit but doesn’t really enjoy that aspect of it. In his words “the choices for gaming themes is zero”. He wanted images and more images and then galleries of images. Now all he has to do is switch … Read More

Think Pink

free st Great learning experience and my first theme for Statamic. I tried to keep it very simple so that it could be applied to other sites as well. Due to the global changes you can make you can switch out the pink very easily. Please note this is the old version of Statamic and does not work with 2.0+ … Read More

Themegoodness Launched

Have been working on this site for awhile during my “off hours” and it is finally finished (minus a few tweaks to the blog). I will be housing all of my themes here now.  

Themegoodness theme updates

I am going through and updating most of my themes to be responsive before fleshing out the new themes to be consistent. In the process I am taking some creative liberties in changing things. I am trying to stay true to the original design’s feel but updating and hopefully improving them, as some of them I built four years ago. … Read More

Free Christmas Theme

A free concrete5 theme I completed last year for Christmas. I plan on doing a few more things for the Holidays this year and listing them here for free.   Edit: No longer available as I no longer support/sale/gift concrete5 after the shift to concrete7