Different use for Statamic

I created this area over the weekend as a side project of mine. I read a lot of what some would label new thought books and in most of them they emphasize knowing your wants, goals and not only recording this but visualizing and coupling it with daily affirmations and gratitude. I have to say that at my happiest times in my life I actively practiced reading affirmations in the early mornings of the day. Somehow it set the tone for my day and so I in wanting to re-establish this habit I wanted to digitalize it and bring all of the scattered pieces together in one place. Currently there is no software that I know of that can accomplish this effectively so I “built” my own version using Statamic. One of the things I love about Statamic is its ease of use and building something. After I decided to create this little area for my own personal use, I realized I had a few ways to go about building it. I chose to explore three and ended up with the one that suited me best.

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