Information Architecture

So I started a new project recently which seems to be part of a growing expansion to my services; information architecture. Working with the UI/Visual design is not new to me but in what ways has evolved over time. I have helped client’s with more UI work for dashboards and SaSS projects in the last year which is great because I can definitely grow in this area. But the information itself was always in place and I provided visual solutions for an existing platform. A few projects recently have had me involved on how the site or application itself should be re worked to accommodate the user.  I am currently working as a subcontractor on an e-commerce platform that currently puts the end user through a very archaic nav tree system four levels deep just for a product title and then another link for product information. Egads. I don’t know about you but I would really need that product before digging that deep for it in the site. Systems used to really reflect the back end inventory schematic on the front end but those days are long gone. The user should be considered always on the front end. During this process I have provided them with some solutions to alleviate this.


Previous UI


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