Recreating a brand

We started with the app redesign and then branched out to change the branding for the site that housed it.

Charie’s style is so clean and beautiful she needed a website that reflected that as well so that moved even further to her main site for Uncommon Redesigns. Tying them both together visually was important.

The Redesign

The app was given some love as well a new logo, icons and form treatments.

The facebook group invitation now was more visually appealing as well as the testimonials.

Brand consistency

I chose a light palette to go on a white backdrop to highlight her furniture better and give it a very clean feel.







The slider area was not really serving Charie as it didn’t display her beautiful work nor tell the visitor very quickly what she did or how she could help them.

Her menu area was a bit clunky and way to many items especially when it came to mobile.

While displaying furniture was fine it became too literal to be relatable as any potential client might not have a dresser like the one shown. Moving towards icons to represent a dresser made more sense visually and cleaned things up a bit.

Her how it works section needed some TLC as well.

The Redesign for the Main Site

Again we went with the white background and light pallette.

We created the same dashed look for buttons that had roll- overs to highlight a specific portion of the how it works section.