My name is Stephanie Hider.

I am a web designer and front end developer. I design and develop functional CMS driven and aesthetically pleasing sites.

I currently live in Oklahoma. I have one daughter who’s adorable and one psychotic cat who’s not so much. I have been designing for over 12 years professionally. I’m extremely organized, infatuated with details, and driven by learning new skills.

I work with Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, In-Design from the Adobe Suite but I have a growing love for SketchApp and use it most often. My CMS of choice would be Kirby but I am able to work with WordPress, Expression Engine or Concrete5 depending on your needs.

When I am not moving pixels around for work, I like to move them around in a MMO or at team treehouse learning new things, roller blading, and enjoying my quirky child. I am a voracious reader and sci-fi fan.