Recent Work



My fine art background includes illustrative skills which are simple in style, excellent for icons and branding. Let’s make sure your brand fits your image and business goals across all platforms.

Web Design

Translating your brand to a medium that works on all devices is important. From typography to responsive design we can work on a hand crafted solution for your web presence.

Web Development

I work with several CMS including WordPress, Expression Engine,
Concrete5 and Shopify. Whether you need a blog, business or e-commerce site, or all three I can help you get there.

Social Media

Marketing has changed and to be competitive you need to reach your market where they are. I can help you visually move your brand across multiple social networks.


My name is Stephanie Hider.

I am a web designer and front end developer. I design and develop functional CMS driven and aesthetically pleasing sites.

I currently live in Oklahoma. I have one daughter who’s adorable and one psychotic cat who’s not so much. I have been designing for over 12 years professionally. I’m extremely organized, infatuated with details, and driven by learning new skills.

I work with Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, In-Design from the Adobe Suite but I have a growing love for SketchApp and use it most often. My CMS of choice would be Statamic but I am able to work with WordPress, Expression Engine, Kirby, Squarespace, Shopify or Concrete5 depending on your needs.

When I am not moving pixels around for work, I like to move them around in a MMO or at team treehouse learning new things, roller blading, and enjoying my quirky child. I am a voracious reader and sci-fi fan .