Hello there!

My name is Stephanie Hider and I am a designer, front-end developer and illustrator.

Over twelve years of experience within the web industry I offer a variety of services from Branding, UI/UX, Design to Development. Let’s create something beautiful!

Branding & Illustration

My fine art background includes illustrative skills for icons and branding or expressive digital painting.

Let’s make sure your brand fits your image and business goals across all platforms.

Doodles In Progress

Winter Skaters

What I am working on now are a series of children illustrations that are whimsical and fun.

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Design & Development

Translating your brand to a medium that works on all devices is important. From typography to responsive design we can work on a hand crafted solution for your web presence.

I work with several CMS, whether you need a blog, business site or e-commerce site, or all three I can help you get there.