Always Learning

So I decided I wanted to shift my focus to more illustrations vs development in the upcoming years and to do that I needed to get back to drawing on a regular basis. I have all of the tools I need and have started exploring different course options to get into digital drawing. I am currently subscribed to Teamtreehouse, lynda, … Read More

My Process – Project Management

I am very excited that I am currently going through a change in this part of my process. Over the years I have tried out all of the project management tools out there and quite a few of the CRMs. I always end up having to duplicate entries but at times it is has been quite ridiculous the amount of … Read More

My Process – Planning Stage

Many parts of the designer/developer process toolkit come to them via trial and error. Sometimes this can be a painful experience which is what lead me to this particular part of my project process. To this day while I still wince about this particular project, the result was a learning experience that has helped myself and my clients. So I … Read More

Give Thanks

When I was a kid we would all travel to my Grandparent’s and have a holiday weekend for Thanksgiving. Grandma would cook and bake for days before we got there and then the infamous turkey in the middle of the night. Everyone dressed up and we had a big feast, talked, fought and enjoyed family. My favorite were mashed potatoes, … Read More