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Information Architecture

Information Architecture

UI, UX, Prototype| September 18th, 2014

So I started a new project recently which seems to be part of a growing expansion to my services; information architecture. Working with the UI/Visual design is not new to …

Hammerformac Wins

Hammerformac Wins

Workflow, Project, Prototype| September 16th, 2014

Recently I changed my work flow and in that process I started exploring other options for rapid development. I was using’s

  • The New ThemeGoodness
  • The New ThemeGoodness
  • The New ThemeGoodness
  • The New ThemeGoodness

So I decided while going through the switch for my own site to Statamic that it would definitely be in the plans for my theme site as well. I have revamped this site to reflect …


Personal| September 6th, 2014

Always loved this video. Wanted to test out my new multi type posts I added today. =D

Hider Family Moodboard

Hider Family Moodboard

Personal| August 20th, 2014

While waiting on the new version of the site to deploy I worked on a mood board for the family website I believe I will be designing and developing. This will be quite a departu…

Beyond Earth

Beyond Earth

Personal| August 18th, 2014

I am so excited about the release of this game. I could not tell you and would be ashamed if I did the hours I spent playing Alpha Centauri back in the day. I loved that game. W…

I am not crazy...

I am not crazy…

Site Update| August 8th, 2014

I swear it =). The current site was an almost straight transition from my Kirby site to Statamic. In the upcoming week I will be fixing my media queries, doing some design/struc…

New Statamic site

New Statamic site

Site Update| July 28th, 2014

So I finally made the move to Statamic. I have been eyeing it awhile but didn’t have the time and was concerned about their own language vs php. The site self created …

Looove Google Music

Looove Google Music

Music, Personal| July 27th, 2014

Started the process of moving all of my itunes over to google for the nexus phone and love their system. I even purchased new music today on a whim and got the Isley Brothers. M…

Dribbble Invites

Dribbble Invites

Personal| November 29th, 2013

I have a two dribbble invites. Post a url to your portfolio in the comments (disqus) and on May 31st I will send them out. The invitation will be given based on my personal tast…

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Freebie| October 31st, 2013

Happy Halloween. If you like the icons and have SketchApp download these quirky icons at github. Have a safe trick or tr…

New Illustrations

New Illustrations

Personal| June 4th, 2013

So this summer I am making changes so this of course includes my site. =D I don’t miss Wordpress from my old site, which I thought I just might. But what I do miss are the…

Alexxa's Army

Alexxa’s Army

Project| May 14th, 2013

The creative brief consisted of an old freebie blog with very little content, two photos, two links and a brand new url name. With eight hours and some elbow grease we whip…